FTC Spyware Workshop - April 19th, 2004

    Panel One: Defining, Understanding and Disseminating Spyware

    FTC Host
  • Ed Black, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Computer & Communications Industry Association
  • Mark Bohannon, General Counsel & Senior Vice President Public Policy
    Software & Information Industry Association
  • Marty Lafferty, Chief Executive Officer
    Distributed Computing Industry Association
  • Avi Naider, President & Chief Executive Officer
    WhenU.com, Inc.
  • Ari Schwartz, Associate Director
    Center for Democracy and Technology
    Ari was the only one to mention "affiliates" but I don't think anyone else understood the responsibility of companies to monitor how affiliates are distributing or deploying their products.

    Mark Bohannon actually came out against any requirements for an UnInstall program. His reasoning behind this position was programs like NetNanny that safe guard kids on the internet.
    Apparently we need to change the wording of S.2145 Sec. 3(c2) so it now says "capable of being removed completely by the same user who installed said program using normal procedures..."


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